The Studio

My home studio is a white, light, airy space, at the front of my home. Clients enter via my front door, and are immediately welcomed into the studio. Gentle music fills the air, and the light scents of lavender and vanilla create a relaxing atmosphere for babies and adults alike.

The space is decorated minimally, enabling me to change the set up depending on the session that is taking place.

Visiting for a newborn session? You will find the bed made, the beanbag layered, and some props displayed on mats on the floor…

If you’re coming in to have a mini session done, the space will be styled according to the theme of the day…

Looking for some unique head shots? You’ll find a stool and plain wall to pose in front of, along with a bed or couch to relax on.

Dropping off some props to be styled and photographed? Where’s a good chance there will be baskets and boxes of props in the corners, and backdrop boards on the bed.



My little space is like a chameleon, it changes and adapts to every session that takes place, and that’s why I love it so much. It’s a small space, cosy, intimate. But it’s warm and friendly. And I love it… I hope you will too!

  • Wild Saturday nights at home! Hair treatment and a movie
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  • Its official I have the sweetest nephew in the whole
  • Are you expecting and havent booked your session yet? February
  • The studio is all set up and ready for a
  • Lots of pink purple and apricot in the studio today!
  • MKR is making me so sad this season so much
  • Perfect parenting moment 55  when you give up precious
  • First we had each other then we had you now
  • Babies are like little suns that in a magical way