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In a day at home with the kids, there are a hundred beautiful moments that occur. Normal,  everyday things, that you usually breeze through, getting it done before moving onto the next.

Looking back as an adult though, those moments spent at home with Mum, probably fill you with the happiest memories.

Baking cakes in the kitchen, cuddling up in bed reading a book. Stroking your child’s hair as he falls asleep. Listening to, and laughing along with the funny little stories they tell. These moments are some of the most special to share, and these are often the ones we overlook when thinking about family photography.

Julie is a lawyer, and though she works part time, she does long hours, working hard to change the world to a better place. When she’s with her two beautiful kids though, it is all about them. She spends every moment possible, ensuring they have the most beautiful experiences together. They role play, bake, paint and create. Her children will truly have the happiest of childhoods to look back on in years to come.

This session was designed to capture these every day moments that they share, but ensured that in years to come, Julie was in the photos with her children, experiencing all these beautiful moments along with them.

These are just a handful of the beautiful moments I captured, in one morning at home with this happy little trio.


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