A Child Free Weekend in Melbourne


It’s not often we have a child free getaway, in fact, we’ve only had one in the almost 7 years that we’ve been parents! We’ve both had time away individually, but for us to go away together, and leave the kids – it feels big!

I think as parents, you can get on autopilot, and forget that before the mortgage, and the kids, and the pets and all the weekend sports and commitments, that there was just the two of you. We’re lucky that with hubby working night shift, and my hours changing week to week, we can dash off for a lunch date while the kids are at school/preschool! Because these days, a weekend away means somewhere for the kids to stay, and people to ferry them to swimming, ballet and little athletics. Someone to look after the cat and dog. Possibly pack lunches and get them off to school.

And then there’s the worry. What if something happens while we’re away, and we can’t get back for hours in an emergency. I feel the worry more than most. I’m a natural worrier. I could do it professionally. I always have a plan, and a back up plan, and somewhere in the back of my mind, I have an emergency plan if all those fall apart. It’s what I do, and it drives my husband nuts. He’s spontaneous, and carefree. He could throw some boardies and a singlet in a bag and take off for a weekend, staying wherever we end up. I need a booking, extra clothes in case of bad weather, and snacks for the trip. But that’s a good thing mostly, he loosens me up, and I reign him in.

Our last weekend getaway was in 2015 (so long ago!!). We took off for three days, and discovered Melbourne. I’d never been, other than a few day trips for work, and he loves it there – one of his oldest friends lives there, so he loved showing me around.

On day one, we discovered the markets and drooled our way through the Queen Victoria Food Hall. I could have eaten all of the cheeses. Seriously. If you haven’t been – put it on your to do list (and by that, I mean the to eat list).

We took the city circle tram, wandered around Federation Square, and ate at a gorgeous little restaurant in china town.

On day two, we caught a train to the suburbs, and spent the day with our friends. The public transport system in Melbourne is amazing! We each bought a Myki card when we arrived, and it was the best thing ever! We hopped on and off trains, trams and buses, and were just able to get anywhere we wanted with ease. Seriously Sydney, you need to step up your game!

On day three, we ventured to one of my bucket list locations – Hosier Lane! Melbourne is filled with gorgeous little laneways, and lots of them have beautiful street art (and lots of messy tags unfortunately), but Hosier Lane is by far the biggest, most extravagant, and the most well known. It was truly mind blowing. The colours, the details and the quirky hidden details were amazing. Everywhere we looked, people were stopping and staring, chatting as they shared tiny details with those they knew, and those they didn’t! It was lovely…

As we walked to the bus station to head to the airport in the afternoon, I saw the elusive “Mr Snot Bottom” tram. We’d seen it pass a couple of times over the weekend, and laughed thinking how much our son would love it. I finally managed to snap a photo for him, and in true 4 year old style, he found it hilarious!

Looking back over these old photos, and reading my scribbled memories from this weekend, makes me eager for another weekend away. We’ve got a big year this year, with a few family trips planned, so we might need to just book in a few more date days, instead of weekends…

Here’s to our next adventure!



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