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Hi! I’m Jo, the photographer here at Joanne Wynne Photography.

I live in Chester Hill, NSW with my two beautiful children, and my husband – who I often refer to as my man child. We also have a loveable, goofy Labrador (who is currently going through the terrible twos!), and a grumpy anti-social cat (whose favourite pastime is sleeping in the dog’s giant bed).

My family are my favourite people in the whole world, and Sunday dinners sitting around my parents dining table, talking, laughing and eating, is probably my favourite time of the week.

Ten things you might not know about me:
1. I pretty much always wear jeans and a black t-shirt. Occasionally I switch it up with grey or navy, but 29 days out of 30, I’m in a black tee and jeans.
2. My kids don’t like posing for photos. I think I ruined it for them. Most of our photos are action shots these days, and to get a family photo, requires the promise of ice-cream or chocolate… So if your kids aren’t super excited about a family photoshoot, I get it!
3. I love travelling, seeing the world is my favourite thing to do! Luckily, my kids are great little travellers, and are always up for the next adventure. So far I have explored China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Scotland, England, Fiji, and with my hubby being a kiwi, New Zealand is pretty much our second home these days. We’ve almost done the whole North Island now, and have a list of spaces in the south to explore… I’ve started blogging about our adventures as a family, so if you’d like some ideas for your next family destination, head over and check out some of ours!
4. I’m addicted to Kmart and Ikea. I love storage, and pretty things, I can’t help it!
5. We’ve been in our house for almost 10 years, but I’ve only just started hanging photos on our walls! We’ve constantly been renovating, and it’s never felt like the time to decorate. Now though, we have so many years of memories, I don’t know where to start!
6. I HATE having my photo taken. I much prefer to be behind the camera, but I’m learning to step outside my comfort zone and get in photos, so one day, my kids will remember what I looked like when they were little.
7. We love camping, and are planning to slowly take our kids to every corner of this beautiful country that we call home. We have a huge list of places we are working through, mostly pet friendly, and preferably with a beach or pool close by for our water babies.
8. I love coffee, but only before 3pm, or I won’t sleep for days…
9. I am a trained childcare worker, and previously worked in long day care, preschools and special schools for 12 years.
10. My little home studio is my favourite room in the house. It’s all white and clean and organised, and completely my space… One day I dream of owning a bigger studio, somewhere I can have multiple rooms set up, and an indoor garden, but I love working from home, and the freedom it gives me. Who knows, maybe I will cave and let my husband convince me to move somewhere bigger!


If you’re looking for your next photographer, I’m your girl.  I love chatting, joking around and getting you laughing and smiling naturally. If you think we sound like a good fit, contact me below:

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